Ready to go live this evening……..

Well, I think we are there.   Thanks to the incredible talent and energy of Scott Docherty at Redhare, is going live tonight, midnight EDT, 9PM PDT.  I would also like to acknowledge the help of my good pal and fine musician, Chris Kennedy, for his help in proofing the site.

It has been such an adventure pulling all of the material together for the site.   As much as there is up there; and there is a lot; it is still just a portion of all the ephemera one collects after 42 years of doing this!

Just some of the highlights I have particularly enjoyed revisiting, that I think you would enjoy checking out;

  1. some of the complete songs from the “Winterfolk” compilation CDs;  the Utah Phillips pieces are stirring, incendiary, and have the ring of truth, all these years later;  you can access these from the individual pages for those CD’s
  2. The podcast with Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, recorded just when they were on the verge of reaching the world through their wonderful music. I first met them when I was judging the song competition at the Napa Valley Folk Festival (where I was also performing)  in the late 1990′s.  I was so taken immediately by their songs and presentation.
  3. The podcasts of “The Best of River City Folk 2000″   (in the “River City Folk” section) now that was a great year!  David Mallett, Dave and Tracy, David Roth, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn;  wow, what a pleasure to go back and listen to!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy browsing and checking it all out.   I have been so honored to be a part of this music this past four decades, and to call these talented artists friends and compatriots.   All of these memories and songs belong to them and to you;  I have just been lucky enough to share them and pass them along.


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Tom May is one of the true touchstone singer/songwriters, performers, and promoters of folk music, with more than 40 years as a full time artist. From his 14 albums, to his nearly 30 year syndicated radio program, “River City Folk”, to opening for artists such as Gordon Lightfoot and Alabama and headlining shows with major symphony orchestras accompanying him on his songs, he has surely “lived the dream”. In between he founded the largest annual folk music event in Portland, Oregon; (Winterfolk! ) directed various folk festivals, played in every region of the US and Canada, and played hundreds of venues. His belief in this “music that makes a difference” and his work to help other artists get their music heard, while continuing to write and sing his own accessible songs, has never faltered.